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eBay microsite design by ebaystoredesign

eBay microsite design

Responsive eBay Microsite Design to – Promote Product & Engage user interaction

An eBay microsite (or minisite) is a unique product developed & designed by UK’s leading design company – ebaystoredesign. The concept is one of its kind leading sellers to promote specific product campaign.

Sellers use our eBay microsite design to develop new leads and attract new customer towards their product. Feature of our microsite design to name are:

  • Customized Header & Footer
  • Home Page Design – Featured Products with product feed from eBay
  • Left panel for Category & Banner Images
  • Top promotional banner (under header)
  • Main tabs from "Products" to "Contact Us"
  • Refined Search Box

Why do you need an eBay Microsite?

eBay is huge & crowded ecommerce marketplace with millions of buyers & seller giving ample opportunities to earn. But remember opportunities come with certain restrictions. eBay don’t allow you to promote your business in a full fledge manner. So, with limited options how will you endorse your business to 1000s of buyers out there? Ok, calm down, we have a solution.

To overcome this hurdle eBayStoreDesign has come up with exclusive concept of "eBay Microsite" conceived by no one else in the ecommerce industry. Let us explain you in detail.

eBay is a third party site where you set up an online store & do your business. But what if your sales are all time low and making loss every day? This happens due to lack of promotional activities.

Now, a microsite gives you all liberties to advertise your domain, products, business to each & every buyer present online. Our eBay microsite design is tailored in such a way that all your products can be featured on the microsite same as you do on eBay. The buyer comes on the microsite clicks the product link & is redirected to eBay.

In this way buyers gradually grow on your microsite and eBay both. You might be unaware of the fact that when a buyer goes to your eBay account through your microsite eBay gives you discounts also. Isn't it amazing!

Drive traffic to your site with a custom eBay microsite design

Our eBay microsite design will allow you to do all marketing campaigns, advertisements, link buildings, SEO of your business to grow your sales. Our clients have history of dispatching 30 products an hour using our microsite designs.

Along with our other eBay services, our microsite design service will help you build the best possible presence on eBay to make sure your products are seen, and your brand gets noticed.


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • 2023 eBay Active Content Policy Compliant

    2023 eBay Active Content Policy Compliant

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