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Everyone is online at every point of given time on any device you name it. Be it desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet or iPad. The eCommerce revolution is no more a surprise. People order their favourite products even when they are at a social gatherings. And additionally the males have joined the shopping spree leaving back the females. Read more interesting fact in this infographic. 8 interesting facts about online shopping & cyber monday Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
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Custom shop designs are advance with compatible features. In this infographic we have discussed all the what & what not’s of a custom stores. Read the full blog in an interesting & colorful way. Read below. 10 reasons to bid good bye to default white eBay template Save Save Save Save Save
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How Small Businesses Should Advertise On Facebook Daily Infographic Facebook integrates 1.59 billion monthly active users making itself the biggest marketing & socializing platform altogether. This interesting infographic guide gives you an idea about how you can start marketing your small business on facebook. Click on the title to read more. Save Save Save Save
Written by admin On Aug - 9 - 2017
It was an audacious move by eBay when it was announced that from June 2017 eBay will block active contents like JavaScript, Plug-ins, Flash, iFrame & Form Actions from your item listings or ebay shop if any. 2017 New eBay Active Content Policy eBay will only block active contents not remove them from your listings. Removing active contents from your ebay store design & listing is a mammoth task & hence the burden of deleting the same is/was on eBay sellers.

What happens to the listings after active content is blocked?

Listings will not display correctly. Important details, embedded plug-ins in your listing may disappear leaving negative space in the listing. In short an item listing in a beautiful eBay store design will be distorted. Information will be missing & hence you will lose a buyer. Read the below list.
  • Texts will not read properly
  • Images will not display properly
  • Other elements in listing will disfigure
  • Your listing will be active, but it may not serve the purpose
  • Buyers will not understand what your listing sells
  • Bad impact on your store traffic, sales & revenue
  • Zero performance on mobile devices
  • Your eBay store templates will load slowly

How to identify Active Content in Your Listing?

It’s really very easy. There are many tools out there to check the same. But wait! Do you have that much time to re-check thousands of listings 24x7 leaving your eBay selling work? Give it a thought.

Benefits of Removing Active Contents from Listings

  • Active content replaced with HTML & CSS alternatives
  • Your listings will load fast compared to your competitors
  • Excellent performance on mobile devices
  • Readable texts will help you be on top in eBay product search
  • Clear product images will retain more views of buyers
  • Buyers will find your eBay store more secure to shop

FREE Compatibility Check for Active content as per 2017 New eBay Policy

To minimize your energy, time & money we will help you check your entire store & listings FREE for Active content as per 2017 New eBay Policy. Contact us & register your eBay store for FREE Compatibility Check. We also design & deliver fresh new active content free ebay store templates.
Written by admin On Aug - 5 - 2017

eBay, the eCommerce giant has announced another change in its policy twice in a row in 2017.

Revise your eBay store listings as per New eBay Policy The first one was removing active content from your eBay shop product listings. And the second one, the upcoming change is about removing contact information & links directing buyers to other websites. It will be effective from September 2017. This might affect your listings.

An overview about what the proposed change is all about.

Removing contact information From September 2017, sellers will no longer be allowed to share their contact information in item descriptions, images, eBay listings or eBay store. Seller’s contact details will still be visible & accessible in seller information section & seller profile. eBay has advised to update your active listings by removing contact details. Changes in links policy eBay has also proposed changes in their links policy. Links directing buyers to a site other than eBay will not be permitted. Only links from approved domains will be allowed.

Moreover links related to following topics are excluded:

  • Delivery services info links
  • Product video links
  • Product reviews links
  • Product demo or installation links
  • Other legal info links

Now, what can be done?

You need to revise all active listings, shop templates, product images, banners, product descriptions by removing your contact details from it. Also see that there are no links that directs buyers to another websites or pages. Updating thousands of listing will take time. But our expert team can revise your product listings in few days. Additionally we will help you with removing active contents if any.