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Custom eBay store designs are always an eye soothing experience. They give extremely fantastic visual to the visitor & tempt them to click on what the seller is offering. This is the major reason for our clients to go mad behind our custom eBay store designs.

In this blog we have included some of our recently designed eBay stores. No words just have a look why they make huge sales.

1. Chill Design

With its amplifying store design they rock their eBay sales every day. They deal in furniture & home wares. Click here to visit them http://stores.ebay.com.au/Chill-Design-Australia

2. Dress Gallery for you

Dress gallery evolves as a crown the design is gorgeous like their dresses. A soft color shade does all for them. Click here to visit them http://stores.ebay.com/Dress-Gallery-For-You

3. TeeSquare

A loveable design for teens & youngsters. Everything in this design is excellent starting from texts, graphics, banners, links, header & footer. Click here to visit them http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Teesquare1st

4. Premium LED

Premium LED deals in high quality LED interior & exterior lights. Hence we decided to focus on the products more instead of flashy graphics. Click here to visit them http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Premium-LED-Store

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5. Kinetic Movements

As the name suggest Kinetic movements deals in fasteners & fairing for stylish bikes. The design is equally stylish. Click here to visit them http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Kinetic-Movements

6. The Online Lingerie Boutique

This is the most seductive design in our recent done work. Feel the love & lust with this store design. Click here to visit them http://stores.ebay.co.uk/theonlinelingerieboutique

7. Speed Daddy

Dealing in automotive car parts speed daddy needed a stylish design like a Ferrari & our designer did the job well. Click here to visit them http://stores.ebay.com/Speed-Daddy-Com

8. Forge – Turbo

Forge deals in turbo charger parts. Hence we drafted a single blue shade design without loud graphics to portray professionalism of seller. Click here to visit them http://stores.ebay.com/Forge-Turbo

9. Cammies Home Store

Dealing in bedding, bathing, swimwear apparels & accessories Cammies have won their clients trust with an exquisite design. Click here to visit them http://stores.ebay.com/Cammies-Home-Store#

You can contact us for a fully custom made eBay store. These optimized designs lay a great impact on buyers & overall returns of your store.

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Now you own an online store with fair enough sales, but is that sufficient for you. Is that what you wanted?

Your store is set & running and now it’s time to drive huge traffic towards your store. It is always good to research new ways to promote business online. In this blog our expert team has integrated 10 ideas to promote your business. Read them.

10 ideas to promote your online business! 1. Email Marketing

No need to spend all your time doing this, just use automated email campaigns. Offer free gifts, coupons, discounts in mail.

2. Affiliate Programs

It is the most affordable way to increase leads if you cannot hire real time persons for marketing job. Affiliate program will motivate visitors to promote your product in return of commission.

3. Bloggers Blog

Ask famous bloggers to review your product on their site. These bloggers have huge following & giving you heavy traffic & sales.

4. Start your own Blog

Start writing your own blog because it’s an amazing way to promote your business. Your blog if written excellently can drive sales & capture attention of media & other bloggers to promote you.

5. Promote on Instagram

With 400 million active users instagram tops the chart. Use instagram to share product images & videos. Ask high profile instagram accounts to promote your product by sharing them.

6. Youtube Promotion

Visuals speak more than words and YouTube is the best media for product promotion in a creative style. Check it out.

7. Use all Social Media Platforms

Don’t leave anything unturned. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ to promote your product. They are all excellent.

All those methods mentioned above are no more fancy terms for you or any online seller. Everybody is aware of it so just dive into this pool and get desired results.

Our team of experts has an excellent flair in eBay designs decorated with all the features mentioned above.

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First thing first, why you should go for magento eCommerce solution?

It offers multi store functionality, User & SEO friendly, sales tracking, a large pool of extensions to select from, offers customized solutions & much more. It offers a series of extraordinary features that a store owner would dream of.

Lets study the below mentioned 6 reason to go for magento.

6 Reasons to go for Magento eCommerce Solution

It is an Open Source Platform

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform in terms of cost, returns, sales, buyers & much more. This makes magento more beneficial compared to other eCommerce platforms.

It has Multi-Site Functionality

Multi site function is an amazing feature that makes Magento the most preferred eCommerce platform among sellers. This feature allows sellers to create additional websites on their own unique domain.

Out-of-the-Box Features

Magento CMS offers standard eCommerce site that includes customer accounts, order management, catalog & product browsing, advanced search feature, multi payment processing gateways & shipping. It also offers marketing & promotional tools.

SEO Features

The SEO features of Magento offers meta tags, SEO optimized descriptions, clean URLs & HTML with site navigation.

Advanced Marketing Tools Magento offers integration of google analytic, sales & store tracking with advanced marketing insight. It enables to track sales, traffic, store performance & report filtering by customers.

Wide Array of Extensions

Magento extensions help sellers & developers to customize their Magento stores. There are numerous apps with review & rating that help you decide which is the best.

So, what do you think? Do you need Magento web design services? Want to thrive on this super incredible eCommerce platform? Request a FREE quote from our expert team.

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Find out what these packages offer.

eBay Store Design Package Starts @ £149 integrating silver, platinum & gold package with 50% off. Now that’s an interesting deal. Click the link below & see what is included in the package.

Click here http://www.ebaystoredesign.org/ebay-store-design.html

eBay + eCommerce Combo Package Starts @ £599! You get a custom eBay storefront design in this package & promotion of the same on your eCommerce website. In simple words you get eBay store design + eCommerce website design in this price. Click the link below & see what is included in the package.

Click here http://www.ebaystoredesign.org/ebay-ecommerce-combo.html

eBay + eCommerce + Social Media Package Starts @ £649! It’s a triple benefit package including everything an online seller can dream of. The social media design includes facebook fan page design, twitter page design, youtube channel design & pinterest banner design. Click the link below & see what is included in the package.

Click here http://www.ebaystoredesign.org/ebay-ecommerce-socialmedia.html

Website Design Package starts @ £199! This package is a beautiful combination of static web designs from professional team of experts. We assure you that these kind of web designs will give you a strong online presence. Click the link below & see what is included in the package.

Click here http://www.ebaystoredesign.org/static-website.html

Only eCommerce Design Package starts @ £499! If you want to focus on only eCommerce then this package is ideal for you. The package delivers a wide variety of eCommerce solutions like play.com store design, magento website, opencart website, wordpress website, big commerce website & prestashop website.

6 Popular eBay Store Design Package our Clients love!

Get in touch with the designing team for more info.

Social media design package starts @ £99! What else you get from others in just £99. This package delivers overall social media solutions including facebook, twitter, youtube channel, pinterest, instagram, linked in & blog design.

Get in touch with the expert social media designing team for more info.

A beautiful eBay store does wonders for you as a seller. And integration of eCommerce & social media elevates your overall online presence.

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In this blog you will read a brief story on very basics things that are often overlooked in your eBay store design. If they are well amended then you can increase your conversion rate to a great extent.

Let’s start with what they are & how they can improve your eBay store conversion ratio. eBay Store Design

#1 Visuals

Visuals lay a big impact on your buyer’s retina. Visuals include images, design, layout, colors, banners etc. among these things colors play an important part. Read below how they psychologically affect buyer’s mind.

Females prefer blue, purple & green while males prefer blue, green & black. Hence when you do an eBay store design keep these colors in mind.

#2 Home Page

It is the first page of your store that a visitor will visit & you will be glad to know that you have only few seconds to convince them when they are at your store. Buyers at first instance only scan your home page or any other page, they just SCAN they don’t read. So, what’s the deal when they scan?

Your home page along with other pages must be attractive enough. They must be simple but attractive. Text must be concise, describe the benefits of your products instead of features, don’t waste their time or else they will run away quickly.

#3 Call to Action Buttons

The CTA button shall be smart enough to take your buyers to the next step. The CTA buttons are not for decoration purpose they shall actually serve the purpose of helping your buyers to take the right decision.

Place them in the header & footer sections; be specific while designing the CTA buttons. For example buy now, buy it, buy today, get discounts etc can be used.

#4 Strong Communications

Personal interaction with buyers has a good history of increasing sales overtime. Communicate effectively with buyers so that they come to know that they are dealing with real human beings on the other side.

Be clear & precise, keep a smile & be prepared with your conversation material.

#5 Feedbacks

A buyer before purchasing from you will always check for other buyer’s feedbacks, reviews or comments those who have already purchased from you. Reviews serve as personal recommendation to the buyers; hence always ask for feedbacks from your buyers.

If they post negative feedbacks, ask them why they did so. Solve their problems & try to gain positive feedbacks from the same buyer.

All these factors collectively work on buyer’s mind when they decide whether to purchase from you or not? And all these factors shall be integrated creatively in a custom eBay storefront design.

A beautifully crafted store design does a lot for you as a seller. These designs are easy to install, attractive & intelligent enough to generate leads & convert them into buyers.

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We deal in a wide variety of innovative online marketing & designing solutions. Contact us or drop your contact details to get interesting info about our services.